President - Dr.B.NAGARAJAN
  Secretory-Dr.RAMANI JAIRAM
  Joint Secretaries -Dr.S.SIVA RAMAN,Dr.S.KANNIYAPPAN
  Treasurer -Dr.P.POTHIAPPAN
  Editor -Dr.S.KAVITHA,
  Associate Editor(s) -Dr.D.SUMATHI,Dr.M.SANDYA BHAVANI



To have mutual social contact and cultural co-operation amongst the members, who have a passion for veterinary dermatology
To educate and up keep professionalism to all the members of the association so that they may better serve the pet population which forms the sentiment of many human beings.
To consider and adopt ways and means to serve the community in general, and in particular to help in the alleviation of suffering of animals suffering from skin diseases.
To make available services of the association to other similar associations in the manner deemed fit by the association
To identify the dermatological problems and solutions in veterinary practice in India through Research, Education and Clinical practice
To uplift the standard of veterinary practice in India in collaboration with International bodies.


The name of the society shall be the Association for Veterinary Dermatology.
The address of the registered office shall be presently at 66, Brammatheertham road, Karur, Tamilnadu – 639001.
The society was formed in the year 2019 and the area of operation of the society shall be all over India and other areas as decided by the managing committee.
The business hour of the association is as per convenience.
The office bearers of the association will be from the admitted members of the association.