The Association welcomes the members and offers opportunities to interact with people interested in veterinary dermatology and to share, update and improve your knowledge through meetings, hands-on microscopy sessions,through annual meeting and wokshops.
Membership is open to all graduate veterinarians, registered to practice and professing a desire or interest in veterinary dermatology practieshal be eligible to become members of AVD. Biomedical scientists and physicians in allied specialties are welcome to apply for membership.
A person desirous of joining the association shall apply in writing in the prescribed form. The application shall be scrutinized by the managing committee, and on admission, such persons have to pay the admission fees as well as such other fee prescribed by the society from time to time. A person admitted shall be the member of society
The managing committee has the power to reject any application without assigning any reason for such rejection.
A person admitted to the membership by managing committee shall, upon payment of admission fee and subscription prescribed, be enrolled as member of the association.